Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crafty Sea Shell Ideas

We all love Sea Shells, they remind us of holidays, picnics, lazy days at the beach, paradise etc. At Largs Bay Antiques and Collectables  we’re lucky enough to be very close to the beautiful beach of Largs Bay, so we have many Sea Shells at our door step. We are always trying to come up with interesting ideas to use Sea Shells for our customers. Here are a few ideas to try and make or you can purchase online.

Fix a chipped dish with Sea Shells

Here’s a crafty way to disguise a big chip in your favorite dish that’s quick and easy. So easy in fact you can get the kids to help. If you’re lucky enough to live close to the sea, you can pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it with the kids. If you don’t live close to the beach most craft shops sell interesting sea shells.


  1.  Put some glue, e.g. contact, silicone, super glue or 2 Pac Araldite, over the chip, I used contact, it’s the best one if kids are helping, just make sure the area is well ventilated.

2.    Place a large feature sea shell that fits the chipped corner well, down first.

3.    Now repeat with some smaller interesting sea shells.

4.    Gradually reduce the size of the sea shells.

5.    Fill in gaps by overlapping with tinny sea shells.

6.    And there you have it, easy. The chip is well disguised and the dish now looks even more interesting. I chose sea shells for this project because the dish looked like a wave and our shop Largs Bay Antiques is so close to the sea. You could also use stones, pebbles, glass beads etc.  If it better suites the dish. You could continue all the way around the dish but some times less is more, up to you.

More Sea Shell Ideas


Sea Shell Photo Frame

These frames are made much the same way as the Sea Shell Dish project earlier but take a lot more time, about 2 hours in total. It’s created over a few stages to allow for the glue to dry so you can build up the 3D effect. We put sea shells in the frame but you can put your favorite photo in it. We sell these Sea Shell Frames in our Store Largs Bay Antiques from $27.50

Sea Shell House

Most craft shops have a large range of premade interesting display cases that are ready to be varnished or painted. I use my home made polish cleaner for these as it brings out the grain of the wood, the polish cleaner recipe is available free at Largs Bay Antiques . Polish a couple coats until you’re happy with the look, allow to dry in between coats it takes about 1 hour in total. We sell these Sea Shell Houses in our Store Largs Bay Antiques from $22.50

Bucket Sea Shell

We use different size Galvanized Iron Buckets new or old and rusty (for character) filled with succulent potting mix, topped with sea shells and plant various succulents. Remember not to over water. Great indoors or outdoors, available at   Largs Bay Antiques from $15.00

Bottle Sea Shell

We use different size Bottles and Jars new or old (for character) with succulent potting mix, topped with sea shells and plant various succulents. Remember not to over water. Great indoors or outdoors, available at   Largs Bay Antiques from $5.00

Work In Progress

Sea Shell Table

Many hours, 25+ so far have gone in to this Beautiful Sea Shell Table will up date post when its finished

Monday, October 19, 2009

Noddy Mouse Money Box

Here's one of my favorite Money Box's hes so cute. It was made in Japan back in the Fifties before they became famous for there electronics. His head nods and he holds about $50 in coins. Collecting is an individual thing. Let us know what you collect 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Depending on the condition of the piece and the look your after will determine what is required, sometimes all that is required is to simply wipe with a damp cloth and other times require polish or waxing.


Never use commercial silicon based sprays as they leave a residue behind. The best way is to make your own polish, simply put a little turpentine with boiled linseed oil in a spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray and wipe small areas at a time with a clean cloth. The more you rub the better it shines. This will bring up the color and grain of the timber, it also helps to hide imperfections such as small chips and scratches

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Even in the most modernist of houses and apartments with the latest decor, furnishings, appliances and HI Tech gadgets, there is always room for one or two quality well chosen period pieces. They can be an interesting talking point for your guests and friends, especially if they have, an interesting history, a funny story on how you came about them or been handed down and have a bit of sentimentality.

You can blend it all together with accessories, fabrics, paint colors and artwork. Keeping the scale and balance right is very important. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different, it makes it more interesting and personal.

Once you have found that special furniture piece you will need to care for it, weather it needs to be cleaned, repolished, repaired, reupholstered you’ll be able to find all you need by reading on.


Leadlight windows and panels have beautified the windows of Cathedrals, Palaces and Homes of Europe and around the world for over thousand years. Originating back in Roman and Byzantine times.

At Largs Bay Antiques we are very privileged to have Ian Thomas as our resident Leadlight Artist. Ian is one of Adelaide’s premier Leadlight Artist who specialises in Custom one off Original Leadlight pieces. Largs Bay Antiques can arrange all your Leadlighting needs from original Leadlight window design to authentic, traditional reproductions and repairs to windows, panels, Art Deco Furniture, Kitchen Leadlight Furniture etc.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a bit about us

Located in the historical seaside suburb of Largs Bay in Adelaide Australia. Largs Bay Antiques and Collectable's has a wide range of unusual colletables and antiques of all eras from Retro, Art Deco to Queen Anne. Our pieces range from fine antiques to quality reproductions. Have a look at our site and let us no what you think.

first blogg

this is our first blogg so bare with us while we try to work it all out. were hopeing to bring you some usfull info on all things to do with antiques and collectables.... so join us and help us to make it a sucsess